Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Tale of Two Recalls

In Akron, we have the curious case of Mayor-for-Life Plusquellic. Given the one party nature of most urban settings, if he wins the primary, he’s a lock for re-election. Not that Alex Arshinkoff is interested in finding viable candidates in any event. However, Warner Mendenhall has taken up the recall challenge.

Mayor P’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but not a complete disaster. Well, other than the crazy indentured servitude for students from sewers proposal, the $38 million Inventor’s Hall of Fame, and $4 million for a softball team. ($4 million for a softball team? Maybe this guy should go.)

And sure, the mayor is lining up to move Akron into Bailoutistan, in itself an admission of failure.

Still, the Akron recall is a pretty long shot – one that the Mayor really doesn’t need to address at this point.

In Toledo, we have one Carl Finkbiner. Even by Plusquellic standards, this guy’s a hothead. He’s also calling for censoring radio stations for making criticizing him. Here’s a summary from recall supporters. I’d forgotten about his anti-military animus. Maggie Thurber also lays out a long list of particulars on why Finkbiner should go.

Still, I’m reluctant to endorse recall elections. We have regular elections. If the voters keep returning stumblebums like Finkbiner and spendthrifts like Plusquellic, well, then the voters should suffer. In theory, at least, that’s how people learn.

Also, keep in mind that the recall in California didn’t turn out so well – Da Arnold’s governance is indistinguishable from the uber-incompetent Gray Davis.