Monday, December 15, 2008

Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

Though why you would want to know anything about me is a curious question in itself. However, both Jill Miller Zimon and Jason Rowsey tagged me on this topic. As usual, I’m several days late to the party.

1. I’m a pack rat. I blog in a den that cluttered close to floor to ceiling with books, battered cameras, lenses, and parts, action figures, ancient computers, old magazines and catalogs, and stacks of bills unpaid since Beowulf had his pay per view match with Grendel.

2. I played the bass clarinet in my high school marching band (“The Fighting Quakers”). If you’ve seen the cello sequence in “Take the Money and Run”, you have some appreciation for what this looked like.

3. I used to fabricate the contents of our family Christmas letters. After receiving scads from friends and family about how their tykes were building fusion reactors in the basement between appearances at Carnegie hall, whilst the Boring Brood was like, doing kid stuff, I felt a little enhancement was needed. This probably went too far when I claimed that Boring Daughter #3 wrote Shakespeare’s sonnets.

4. I ‘ve grown into cooking. This is a by product of the endless parade of cooking shows, as well as the fact that there’s actually a short term physical payoff, unlike my regular work as a spreadsheet jockey. You actually get to see something completed, good, bad, or indifferent.

5. I was almost an extra in “The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh”. The scene was cut, but I did get to shake Dr. J’s hand about 87 times one night.

6. I was a Boy Scout. Primarily to play with knives and start fires. Are they still allowed to do that kind of stuff?

7. The person I’d most like to be when I grow up is Bertie Wooster.

I’m supposed to tag an additional seven, but it’s late, and I had to be toiling away at 5 this am, so that will slide till the morrow.