Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Olmstead Falls Moves to Bailoutistan

Added to the growing list of welfare queens: Superintendent Todd Hoadley of Olmstead Falls. Mr. Hoadley wants a piece of the Bailoutistan action, and he’s no piker; he wants $100 mill. This is ear biting on a majestic scale.

In theory, at least, the automakers and banks were subject to some level of market discipline and accountability. At least before we decided that they were too big to fail, and desperately needed more corporate welfare. Still, most businesses are highly accountable to both their customers and shareholders. Screw up, and losses accumulate. If they reach a certain level, you’re out of business.

Government monopolies like public schools, on the other hand, are almost never held accountable for anything. There’s no test of effectiveness that says that this school is to crummy to survive. Instead, the worse you perform, the more likely you’ll get additional taxpayer funding.

Protestations aside, it’s nice to see someone like Mr. Hoadley essentially admit that his school is an ungovernable mess, and that he and the board are simply unable to cope with the situation.

Perhaps strict limits on the salaries of school administrators would prove a disincentive. After all, that’s what we’re being told is the cause of the automaker’s problems, isn’t it?