Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mixed Nuts: Roy Pearson – Still At Large

Somehow, he’s not been consigned to a good, safe looney bin someplace. He’s still trying to wring $54 million out of some poor family’s dry cleaning business for losing a pair of pants.

Fortunately, the DC Court of Appeals recognized that this is someone whose elevator doesn’t appear to go to the top floor, and turned down his appeal.

CNN provides some additional, helpful, details explaining what a clueless clown Pearson really is (my emphasis):

“During a two-day trial, Pearson, who represented himself, said that when he took the pants to the cleaners, his financial situation was precarious: He had just been ordered to pay $12,000 in attorney's fees to his ex-wife, and his credit cards were at their limit.”

Gosh, what woman could leave a prince like this?

For that matter, why would anyone hire this nut as an administrative law judge?

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