Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marc “Dannimal House” Dann - Ol' Timey Corruption Just Like Mommy Used to Make

We've been patently unfair to Marc and the Dannimals. Turns out, there seems to be much, much more to his tenure as AG than just 24/7 drunkeness and debauchery.

Yes, Mr. Dann is more than the complete joke and looser that you've been reading about in the press.

The Inspector General's report is now out, and the allegations are that Marc's been busy plundering his campaign funds, hiring incompetents, and probably misappropriating state funds.
Given what we already knew about Dann, the only surprise is that he had the time and energy left from his other hijinks to spend on lining his own pockets.

Reading through the IG's report, the main question seems to be whether there was anyone on Dann's staff that wasn't playing some sort of sleazy angle.

Dann*, of course is claiming that a) he didn't do anything wrong; b) if anything was wrong, it was his staffer's fault, not his, and he knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about any of this, and is just as astonished as astonished can be.

Given the moral character of the folks he appointed to staff positions, combined with his willingness to throw them under the bus, I suspect that the race will soon be on for these folks to cut plea deals in exchange for testimony against Dann.

* Working for a Cleveland law firm? Who would hire this nut? Even ignoring this latest batch of allegations, Dann's a sexual harassment lawsuit time bomb. It's going to go off, it's just a matter of where and when.