Monday, December 01, 2008

“International Court for the Environment”

In a sign that the global warming craze has pretty much fizzled out, a bunch of lawyers want to create some sort of international court to enforce stuff like a “right to a healthy environment”, whatever that means.

Like just about every proposal to come out of the EU, this means a) jobs, jobs, and more jobs for bureaucrats; b) centralization of power in the hands of the same; c) more opportunities for graft and corruption; d) economic hardship and misery for any country foolish enough to go along with the diktat of the enviroczars; and e) yet more opportunities for moral superiority and smugness on the part of the Euros.

What it won’t do is anything to improve the actual environment.

It’s interesting that so many are convinced that dressing up socialism in the sackcloth and ashes of environmentalism is the way to actually improve things.

But actually improving things may not be the point. Getting to boss others around is the point.