Saturday, December 27, 2008

Her Highness, Princess Caroline Condescends

To inform her loyal peasantry that it was 9/11 and Obama that led her to seek “public service”.

The opportunity for appointment to a safe Democratic seat had nothing to do with it. Nothing! Nothing to see here! Move Along! Nothing to see here!

9/11? Plllllluuuulllleeezzzze. That's like, practically decades ago. I don't seem to recall HRH Caroline calling to man the barricades against islamofascism.

Indeed, the only things that have changed on the part of HRH Princess Caroline are a) the sense of entitlement has grown since she bestowed the JFK mantle on Obama, and b) the fact that there's a vacant Senate seat that she can have provided that she either browbeats / blackmails / buys off / sucks up to Gov. Patterson.

At the end of the day, all we have here is an empty headed socialite, who's relying on cash, family connections, and liberal worship of her father for appointment to the Senate.

Jeez, she hasn't even served half a term as Governor of a yokelville like Alaska, She's not even willing to indulge in basic financial disclosure until after the coronation.

Just another episode of “When Entitlement Babies Go Bad”.