Thursday, December 18, 2008

Helen Jones-Kelley, Close to the Final Act

The petty bureaucrat who thinks it’s ok to snoop through your government records if you suddenly turn up in the news (well, turn up for having the temerity to question Obama), has resigned.

The fact that she wasn’t fired says quite a bit about the Strickland administration, none of it good. Gov. Strickland has certainly exhibited no inclination to show any leadership over this abuse of state power. One has the distinct impression that he’s just hoping that this goes away. Unlike his actions over the Marc Dann mess, this just seems to imply that having bureaucrats snoop through records is okay as long as he can maintain plausible deniability.

This statement from Ms. Jones certainly sets a standard for self righteousness that would have Pharisees taking her correspondence course::

"My professional career, and the legacy of service I have established, has been, and continues to be, far too important for me to allow my reputation and my commitment as a servant leader to be disparaged. I also remain concerned for the safety of my family and myself."
Lady, no one is disparaging the justly deserved reputation that you’ve built for yourself as a minor league political hack. The only legacy you’re leaving behind is to further taint government employees as a bunch of petty fascists who only care about the citizenry when there’s an advantage to be gained, and are snooping through records because they like to be snoops.

It would certainly cheer my heart to see Joe's lawyers taking her to the cleaners.