Monday, December 15, 2008

From Mr. Governor Rod Blagojevich, Esq.

Good Evening, I am sending you this message to explain my problems to you to know if youcan render a helping hand. My name is ROD BLAGOJEVICH from CHICAGO ILLINOIS USA.

I am the soon to be former Governor of the State of Illinois, USA. I lost my U.S. Senator in the recent elections for President. Before this, he deal in ACORNs, community activisim, in biographies and real estate deals with our other associate, Mr. TONY REZKO.

Presently, I am having a big problem with my former Sentator’s associates, because of the wealth and the landed properties he left behind, and my ability to appoint his replacement.

They forced me to release all his bank deposit informations and all the documents about appointing his replacement to the Senate of the USA. They did not stop there; they are monitoring my movements till today to the extent that I can not go out freely nor answer or make telephone calls. I used to be able to make phone calls, but they tapped my phone and turn them over to Prosecutor Fitzgerald! Soon they say can only give me food and shelter and nothing else in place called Le Hotel Greybar.

I can only have access to the internet at times when I am left with the little ones and our house security guard. It is because of this problem that I decided to contact you to help me from this ugly situation. Because of my relationship with my Senate Candidate #5, , he told me before the leak, about another money he has in LONDON. The money was in a box deposited with an Security Company in LONDON and the amount is US$1.0 million, plus valuable ink jet cartridge refills and male enhancement supplements. He made me to understand that the money was deposited as a family valuable for security reasons, in this case the officials of the London security outfit does not know that the real content of the box is money. The associates of Prosecutor Fitzgerald are not aware of this deposit and they will never know about it.

I am therefore seeking for your assistance to help me secure the consignment from London to your country for safety and investment. You can even go to London so that you can see things for your self. Once I got your response to help me, I will get back to you with the details on how we should proceed.

I shall be waiting for your swift response.

Sincerely yours,Governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH.