Monday, December 22, 2008

Culture of Corruption: Michael Polensek?

Mr. Polensek is a Cleveland City Councilman. Formerly, best known for a frank explanation of the facts of life to some street hood.

However, lately, he’s apparently following the steps of the Senator from Countrywide, Chris Dodd, he’s arranged for a sweetheart deal for himself.

This may or may not be illegal, but it’s a deal that you, poor citizen, are not likely to get.

Unless you provide 60% of the funding from the taxpayer’s pocket to a group you’ve founded:

“Polensek is the founder of Collinwood & Nottingham, which depends on the councilman for its very survival. The agency has received more than $900,000 from Polensek's annual allocation of community block grant money since 2004.

In 2006, records show, more than 60 percent of the agency's funding came from Polensek.”

So, while Polensek is apparently lining his pockets, his friends at Collinwood are busy denying that anything’s amiss:

“’Even though we get funding from him, he can't dictate to us,’ Anderson said. ‘Michael can suggest. If I don't like it, I can tell him where to go.’"
This man is providing 60% of your funding. The notion that this group is going to put it’s attachment to the taxpayer gravytrain at risk by denying it’s founder and chief moneyman anything seems somewhat implausible. At best. A mere raised eyebrow by this man is likely enough to get everyone at Collinwood to roll over and play dead.

Bonus: it’s another edition of Name that Party! For some inexplicable reason, the fact that he’s a Democrat didn’t make the story.