Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Pay-Rod Blagojevich proves his manhood Governorship by appointing one Roland Burris to the Senate.

Regardless of Burris' merits as a former Illinois AG and someone who's run for and lost several state wide offices, one wonders why he accepted an appointment from a man who's essentially been auctioning this seat off on Ebay.

Mr. Burris may well be purer than Ceasar's wife, but he should have steered clear of this train wreck.

As for Pay-Rod, this is a pretty impressive stroke. He gets to prove a) that he's still the man in Illinois; b) but Harry Reid & company on the defensive against an affirmative action / quota pick*, and c) suggests the likelihood that the IL state house won't be able to stomach throwing out a liberal Democratic governor. After all, nobody's done anything about Charlie Rangel or Chris Dodd. Freezer Jefferson only lost his seat on a fluke election.

* Just to qualify, Mr. Burris is exponentially more qualified than HRH The Princess Caroline. But the unfortunate fact is that he was chosen primarily to dare the Senate Democrats into denying the seat to his appointee. Getting Bobby Rush on board certainly helps, at least from the intimidation angle.

Word of the Day Bonus Points to Mr. Toby Harnden of the Telegraph link above, for giving us “Shambolic”, as in:

“Taking to the podium at the end of a bizarre, shambolic press conference in which Governor Rod Blagojevich sought to appoint Roland Burris to the US Senate,
Congressman Bobby Rush dared white Democratic senators to block a black man from joining their ranks.”
Very nice.