Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ahhh, NFL Football

The joys of week 16 are finally here.

Pittsburgh triumphs, as expected, over a Browns team so inept, it doesn't even qualify as hapless, since Hap packed up and left town around week 6. Big scare with Roethlisberger – this guy gets so beat up week after week, playing behind an offensive line that would take a serious upgrade to get to mediocre, that his career is inevitably going to be shortened by injury.

The Cowboys got pounded / pulped / annihilated / destroyed / trampled on / had sand kicked in their face & their lunch money stolen by the Eagles. This is just great, great, great news. The only plus side for Tony Romo is that it probably isn't possible to play any worse.

Kudos to the Detroit Lions, plucking their chance at immortality out of the fire of oblivion. They tried to choke it away early, but they refused to die, manned up, and played like the men that they are. You don't go 0-16 by accident; it takes hard work, training, dedication, and a little bit of luck. Chance, as someone once said, favors the prepared mind.

On the downside, the Ravens won big and made the playoffs. Nobody wants to face the Raven's defense, esp. now that Joe Flacco and the offense are getting things together. The upside is that the Pats are out, but I hate the Ravens more than Bill Belichik. Mr. Bill wasn't ready to be a head coach when the Browns hired him, but to his credit, he figured out how he needed to improve, and then went out and did it.