Monday, November 24, 2008

U.S. Spying on Blair?

Well, duh. We better be spying on Blair. Blair had better been spying on us.

Memo to the stupid: every government spies on every other government. The only variable is how much money they have to spend on the project. Limited funds? Spy only on the immediate threat. Bigger budget? Spy on your “friends” as well.

Alliances are fleeting things. Witness the Congressional Democats willingness to consign Southeast Asia to Pol Pot and other monsters for political advantage. Hopefully, it’s too late for them to send Iraq to the same lack of future. Doesn’t mean they won’t if given the chance.

It would be an unconscionable act of neglect if British / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / Indian / etc., etc., etc., wasn’t spying on Washington to the best of their ability. I don’t mean to neglect anyone here, but jeepers creepers, if you’re incensed by this, get a nickel and buy a clue.

Granted that everybody knows this to be true, in a civilized society a stretch in Club Gitmo would be too good for the likes of David Faulk.