Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mixed Nuts: Rochelle Riley

Yes, by all means, let’s divert Congress’ attention into a futile attempt to impeach President Bush! It’s critical that he be driven from power, oh, 55 days before leaving office! There’s not a moment to waste! America really, really, needs Dick Cheney to be President Right Now!!!

To call this sophomoric would be to insult sophomores everywhere. It’s 40 watt bulbs like Ms. Riley that are complicit in the newspaper businesses’ decline into insolvency.

Granted, Pelosi’s an incompetent stumblebum, but she’s not stupid enough to bring Congress into session, spend untold time and effort on an impeachment process that the Senate has absolutely zero interest in, and that would pretty much send President Elect Obama’s “honeymoon” straight to divorce court.

If you buy into the notion that we face a unique economic catastrophe, something I’m not sold on, why waste time with trivia?

Further, let’s assume that Congress proceeds with this madness. Until the President is removed from office by the Senate, he can pretty much pardon whoever he wants, and continue to enjoy the prerogatives of office. There’s not much that Congress can do to prevent any of this.

But by encouraging the criminalization of policy differences, you’ll probably start to see Presidents issue lots of blanket pardons in the future.