Friday, November 07, 2008

Gov. Strickland’s Political Earthquake

Or not. He’s going to run for re-election. Oh, sure, he's playing coy, but the intent is pretty clear.

Shockwaves ripple through Ohio….

Is there anyone who didn’t expect him to run?

Granted, he hasn’t done much, except to unionize everything in sight, thereby running up the costs of every construction job in the state to the taxpayer’s benefit.

His grand education plan will no doubt involve centralizing all control in Columbus just to make sure that us provincials don’t get uppity ideas about input into our kid’s education, as well as some serious tax increases.

Because without those, he can’t pay off his debts to the teacher’s unions.

But he did give Marc “Dannimal House” Dann the boot, and may actually show the fortitude to do the same with Helen Jones-Kelley. This alone is such a major departure from stumblebum Bob Taft that it may well guarantee him re-election.