Thursday, October 09, 2008

Update on Stem Cells

Turns out that there are options to embryonic stem cells. As the article notes, these may or may not pan out to be as ‘useful’ as embryonic cells – I’m hardly in a position to judge the science – but they certainly come with less of an ethical cloud.

Certainly makes Obama’s “McCain hates sick people” anti-stem cell ads more deceptive than ever. I doubt that this will be enough to get Obama to take down his deceptive ads. After all, if he took down all of the deceptive ones, he wouldn’t have any left.

In any event, there’s likely decades of work to do before any of the promised cures show up. And probably additional decades to get the FDA to approve anything.

And once the government finishes up centralizing the determination of who gets what treatment into an agency that combines the worst features of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the IRS, and the Ministry of Silly Walks, it will be more decades to get these treatments approved for actual use on patients.