Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More on ACORN’s Chicanery

So, we’re boiling down what “community organizers” actually do:

Submit falsified voter registrations. Falsified voter registrations are not a sufficient condition for voter fraud, but they’re a big first step in enabling the process. It certainly seems implausible that any organization that is involved in this much fraud, across multiple states, is merely guilty of sloppy management practices. If nothing else, voter registration fraud calls the election’s legitimacy into question.

Generate political pressure for banks to lend money to people with no credit. Not only is this bad for the banks and economy, as the 80 kazillion dollar bailouts of just about everything demonstrate, but it’s no big favor to the people who got the loans that shouldn’t have.

Essentially, ACORN appears to be little more than a group of thugs with a Marxist veneer engaged in doing the progressive’s dirty work.

Keep in mind that Senator Obama has already shelled out $800,000 to ACORN to support these kinds of activities on his behalf. However, he’s recently taken to saying that “this isn’t the ACORN that I knew”.

And on a related side note, and 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has told Jennifer Brunner that she actually has to comply with the law. Yes, I guess that it’s a bummer when the courts say you have to do your job.