Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joe The Plumber Must Be Destroyed

For questioning The One. And for daring to have aspirations of a better life for himself and his family.*

Apparently, someone has been accessing his BMV records from Ohio A G Nancy Roger’s office.

From an IT test account, so it will likely take a while to finger the culprit. Nice to know that your BMV data is available to anyone in the state of Ohio’s IT organization with an idle curiosity or ideological axe to grind.

Of course it’s political. But I hope that the Democrats wouldn’t be this clumsy, so I suspect that it’s not none of the party leaders behind this invasion of privacy.

Joe the Plumber has now been more thoroughly vetted than Barack Obama. In any kind of rational nation, that should give the voters some pause.

* Note to Joe: Socialism is all about making sure the that little people don't get to uppity; that they're content with getting a bowl of gruel handed out by the state, while the Friends of Barack (or whoever's in charge) party on at Davos.