Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Homeschoolers Need Not Apply

For Mayor Plusquellic’s Scholarships in the Sewer from Sewers proposal

Mayor Plusquellic clarifies who would qualify for a scholarship under his proposal to lease out management of the city sewer system. More Boring stuff on this hare brained scheme here and here. I’m not opposed to leasing out the sewer system, but loaded down with these types of conditions, it doesn’t seem particularly workable. We still need to understand how the lessee is going to generate positive cash flow.

And with the limitations of the scholarship program – only dealing with the ones announce so far – this is looking more and more like economic craptonite.

Long Story Short: This is a gimmick designed to incent parents to consign their children to Akron public schools.

Unsurprisingly, it’s limited to schools run by the teacher’s union, with the exception of the Catholic high schools that carry too much political clout to ignore.

Homeschoolers, like the legendary sign about the Irish, need not apply. It’s a little bit of petty vindictiveness against a statistically high performing group.

For that matter, charter school kids are out also. Keep in mind that charter schools can be closed for poor performance. Not so with poorly performing public schools – in the world of government, poor performance can only be considered an upgrade.

More from Akron News Now: There are some additional restrictions on non-public school students:

“In order to avoid competition with the Akron Public Schools, the number of scholarships to be awarded to students from Our Lady of the Elms, Archbishop Hoban, and St. Vincent-St. Mary High Schools will be established based on the average number of Akron resident students who have graduated from each school over the previous years.”

Guess that means that if you attend one of these schools, and their enrollment grows, you’re screwed. But at least you'll be able to read.

Additionally, it’s amusing to see that the Mayor admits that the Akron Public Schools are a crappy product. After all, if they were decent, you wouldn’t need to fear competition, now would you?

Well, you might if you didn’t have to kowtow to the Democratic party’s biggest constituent group – the teacher’s unions.

It’s also not clear from the press release which colleges / technical schools / universities would be acceptable to qualify for the scholarships.

City of Akron boilerplate press release is here.