Thursday, October 23, 2008

Culture of Corruption Update: Michael Bloomberg

Nurse Bloomberg, as you’ll recall, is seeking to weasel out of NYC’s term limits law. Since 2/3 of City Council will also have to find real jobs if the law isn’t overturned, he as a pretty broad base of support.

Never mind that the voters approved the original law via referendum.

Even more entertaining is the 51 member “Conflicts of Interest” board –composed of folk appointed by Mayor Bloomberg, they know which side of the bread the butter’s on.

It’s a similar play to the Tim Mahoney / Charlie Rangel ploy – ask for an investigation by a group that’s pretty much guaranteed to clear you.

Update: In a citizens be damned moment, Bloomberg has gotten City Council to OK his efforts to buy another term as Mayor. He won’t even need to resort to Obama’s fraudulent credit card funding scam to do so.