Monday, October 20, 2008

Culture of Corruption: Tim Mahoney (D-FL) Update

Wife Terry Mahoney throws in the towel, files for divorce.

From the TC Palm:

“PALM BEACH GARDENS — In divorce papers filed Monday, the wife of Congressman Tim Mahoney claims her husband ‘recently sold jointly owned real property’ moved the proceeds to an account in his name and ‘dissipated funds from said account.’

Terry Ellen Mahoney also claims that in the last two years Tim Mahoney ‘dissipated marital assets’ and asks for a full accounting of the transactions so that she can collect her share.”

Yup, I’d say that having multiple mistresses and having to pay them off to keep quiet qualifies as “dissipating marital assets”.

What a crook. Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel still seem to be supporting this creep. Funny, I guess that interest in the Most Ethical Congress Ever only goes one way.

Some condolences are in order to the other Tim Mahoney, a Democratic state legislator in PA. Having to run re-election ads on the theme of “He’s the Mahoney who kept his pants on” can’t be much fun.