Thursday, October 16, 2008

Culture of Corruption: Tim Mahoney (D-FL)

Who’s Tim “Phoney Baloney” Mahoney? Democratic Congressman from Florida. Accused not only of cheating on his wife with a staffer, but cheating on the staffer as well, and then paying the first mistress $120k to go away.

He’s claiming that she was fired for lack of “performance”.

Mahoney is now playing the Charlie Rangel defense card, asking for an “investigation” run by his own party. This is pretty much like getting your trial steered to a courtroom where you’ve already purchased both the prosecutor and judge.

Unfortunately for Mahoney, Rangel has friends and real influence. Assuming that internal polling is as positive for the Democrats as the MSM cheerleading, Pelosi may well be inclined to throw Mahoney under the bus if things get hot enough. The Palm Beach Post is leading the way, having rescinded their earlier endorsement of Mahoney.

What makes this especially interesting is that Mahoney’s the guy who beat Mark Foley, who was best known for sending suggestive messages to house pages, and Mahoney’s “Family Values” campaign tactic.

Mahoney, of course, in the manner of corrupt politicians* everywhere , vows to fight on, further humiliating his wife by making her attend his obligatory “I’m sorry I got caught” press conference.

*In the second Mahoney case, he’s accused of trading pressure for a multi million dollar appropriation for sex. From the Telegraph:

“Former staff have now claimed that Mr Mahoney had a second girlfriend, a local government official, whom he helped secure a $3.4 million federal grant in connection with a 2004 hurricane.”
Good work if you can get it.