Friday, October 03, 2008

California Dreamin’

On such a bailout day.

The ink’s hardly dry on the Fannie & Freddie bailout bill, and The Arnold is already lining up to mug the rest of America’s taxpayers in order to keep spending going in California.

If he gets his way and makes off with the $7 billion, you won’t be able to swing a cat at Treasury without hitting some Governor, Mayor, or County Commissioner begging the feds for cash.

Note to Arnie: go back to the legislature. California’s 2008-2009 budget is already in excess of $100 billion. I’m not interested in bailing you out until you go and find $7 - $10 billion in budget cuts.

After all, nobody’s standing by to bail me out.

Though maybe I should go ask. After all, a request for a paltry couple of million or so would substantially clean up my balance sheet, as well as give me that extra dose of consumer confidence to go out and stimulate the heck out of the local economy.