Sunday, October 26, 2008

“Bigotry, Hate Polarizing Americans”

A headline that screams “Evil Republicans Dare to Oppose The One!!!”.

The ‘argument’, such as it is, is based on Straw Man 101, including references to the evil 7th grader, whose parents are no doubt white supremacist KKK supporters, and the tender 12 year old daughter who must be protected from such vile innuendo.

Dude, nobody of sense believes that Obama is a Muslim. Everyone of sense knows that he went to a church for 10-15-20 years whose pastor is most famous for saying “God Damn America”, and he didn’t bat an eye (until it became politically expedient to do so). Those are two entirely different things.

Geez, maybe we should cut the 7th grader some slack for apparently confusing the pastor with his most famous congregant.

Funny, not a word about the bigotry and sexism that Sarah Palin has been exposed to. Doesn’t Mr. Willard care about his daughter’s exposure to these sorts of messages? After all, Palin’s qualifications for Vice President are on par with Obama’s qualifications to be President.

As columns go, it’s not quite up to the Asinine-90 standards of Lewis Diuguid, since it contains less factual error – a problem solved by omitting facts – but it’s a nice start.

Update: Minor editorial revisions to add the appearance of the use of actual English.