Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beware the Carter Comparison:

From Prof. Bainbridge:

“I’m old enough to remember the Carter years (I spent them in college). The
feckless response to the Iranian hostage crisis. The very real risk that if the
Soviets came through the Fulda Gap, the US Army would be unable to stop them.
Giving away the Panama Canal. The moronic Olympic boycott and the equally
moronic food embargo. Lines at gas stations. Stagflation. 55 mph speed limits.
Tax increases, especially the payroll tax. The misery index. The malaise speech.
The killer rabbit. Billy Beer. Disco. “

I, too, am old enough to remember the Carter years. Easily the worst president of my lifetime – and that includes such luminaries as Johnson and Nixon. It may be slightly unfair to blame Jimmy for disco, but there was no policy aspect, foreign or domestic, that this man didn’t turn into a disaster, with the possible exception of the Egypt / Israel Camp David Accord.

And if Barney Frank gets his way, and we get a 25% reduction in defense spending, the Fulda Gap scenario could well be back on the board. Or an invasion of Taiwan. Or the North Korean / Iranian axis holding big chunks of territory as nuclear hostages. Oh wait, that last one is well underway, thanks to our friends at the State Department.

The Obama campaign may be stuffed to the gills with economic and history illiterates, but they’ve got to be aware of the dangers of Carterism.

But then, if your guy’s The One, there’s nothing that he needs to learn. Right?