Monday, October 20, 2008

Akron’s Scholarships from Sewers Program.

Two quick thoughts:

1. If this passes, and your kids decide to take this money, make sure that they take a lot of it. I wouldn’t want to get stuck on the Akron City tax rolls for 30 years if I only needed a grand or two for school.

2. Say what you will about the HSLDA, but they can really bring out the barbarian hordes of homeschoolers when needed. Got an email blast at 11:03 today asking people to contact Akron City Council over the blatantly discriminatory language in the scholarship proposal. At 4:38 received a follow up noting that the Council and Mayor had thrown in the towel:

“Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:Thank you for your calls and emails to the Akron City Council regarding the "Sewers for scholarships" proposal. I was contacted today by a member of the Akron City Council, homeschooling father Mike Freeman, who told me that he, the mayor and others on the council had agreed that the eligibility requirements for the Akron scholarship should not discriminate against homeschoolers. Councilman Freeman has assured HSLDA that changes will be made to the legislation to allow homeschooled students to be eligible for the scholarship without attending an Akron public school.

It appears that students who are homeschooled in Akron from grades 1-12 and meet the requirements set by the State of Ohio will be eligible for a full scholarship as long as they meet certain reasonable college or university homeschool admission requirements.We appreciate your care and concern…”

I don’t know how much traffic they actually generated, or if the threat of political pressure from the relentlessly polite was too terrifying to face, or if this was in the works already, but I’m certainly proud of the fact that TBMD had some small part.

So, thanks to Mr. Freeman and others for doing the right thing. I think that it’s still a bad idea, but it’s now less bad than it was.