Thursday, October 23, 2008

Akron’s Issue 8 2008: “Scholarships” from the Sewer

In which the mayor reveals his true calling, as a court jester.

And he still hasn’t solved any of the problems with his proposal for increasing student loan debt. He does clarify a minor issue, though, by claiming that the scholarship can be repaid if the recipient moves out of the city before their 30 years are up.

But, the mayor marches on, in his never ending battle against straw men.

This wasn’t featured on the website, and one wonders if taxes paid would count against the repayment.

Alas, as in the nature of all scams, probably not.

Listen, if the sewer system rates can be capped at a 3.9% annual increase, all present workers retained, presumably at current pay rates, and the system leased for enough to throw off millions of dollars in cash, why isn’t the city rolling in cash? Really? What’s a third party going to add to this scenario?

Furthermore, regardless of HSLDA’s efforts, the pro issue 8 website still openly proclaims discrimination against homeschoolers and Catholics.

Oh, and Mr. Mayor, as long as you’re playing Santa, I’d like a pony for Christmas.