Friday, October 10, 2008

ACORN & Voting Fraud

Some signs that after years of looking the other way, ACORN’s act may finally be getting some scrutiny. Probably too little, too late. Sen. Obama’s already planned to hand the keys of the Treasury over to ACORN in January.

There certainly won’t be any investigation if he wins. And probably not if he loses, because democratic scandals don’t seem to generate the same level of interest.

It’s also interesting to note that on the “voter suppression” angle - we’re all supposed to believe that “voter suppression” is exclusively a right wing, racist, poor-hating Republican conspiracy (setting aside Al Gore’s efforts to suppress the military vote in 2000). However, at least in Ohio, and probably several of these other states, the government apparatus governing voting is firmly in Democratic hands.

Voting is one of the key elements in a functioning democratic republic. If there’s a loss of confidence that the election is free and clean, the government loses legitimacy. It’s certainly time to require that voters be able to prove their identity and eligibility to vote, without creating undue hardship.

It’s the undue hardship angle that causes the problems – simple proposals to rely on government issued photo ids tend to generate responses from the left that would make you think that the poor were being asked to run a gauntlet of fire hoses, attack dogs, and the Klan.

Likewise, the voting process also needs a big injection of confidence, from the hanging chad issue, to psychically attempting to discern voter intent, to concerns over security and accuracy of electronic voting.

Just because some nut says that Diebold or some other company is rigging an election doesn’t mean that there are not reasonable concerns that the machinery and processing are as secure as they need to be.