Monday, September 29, 2008

Somalia and Pirates

Talk like a pirate day has come and gone, but it’s stories like this that remind us, pirates are not all funny accents and silly hats.

One suspects that the Somalis are going to regret messing around with Putin’s arms deals. It’s just bad for business to have your shipments held up by a bunch of thugs.

I’m not sure why everyone is so concerned about not violating Somalia’s 12 mile limit – it’s not like this is a country with a real government in place. If it were, you would expect them to at least make noise to the effect that piracy is bad, even if the government couldn’t do anything about it.

As it is, sooner or later there’s going to have to be regular patrols well within the 12 mile limit in order to keep a lid on the pirates and smugglers.