Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fearlessly Facing the Future

Slow blogging. Mystique’s very ill. Based on today’s xrays & ultrasound, likely cancer of the spleen. Tough to deal with – not so long ago, she was the same ball of fire that she’d been for 7 years.

The only time I ever saw her unsure of her self was at age 2 she was confronted by 4 Great Danes at some sort of pet-a-palooza. Since then, she’s stared down coyotes, chased dozens of raccoons up trees and down sewers, and threatened every feral cat in the territory.

This is also a dog that could recognize the distinctive sound – not just of the fridge being opened – but the cheese drawer being opened.

Then a minor injury that never quite healed right, problems with digestion, and a huge weight loss in 2 months (90 lbs to 67).

Soon she’ll be gone. Hard to imagine that a force of nature like the Jaws of Destruction could be felled by a few mutant cells. She won’t be following us from room to room, just to snooze in the corner when we watch TV or surf the web.

For seven years she played with my children, stood guard over my household, and was equally eager to play ball or tear the throat out of the ice cream truck driver. There was just something about those cheesy tunes that drove her up a wall.