Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fatimah Ali: When Progressive Journalists Forget Their Meds

Not only do they turn out hysterically overwritten pieces* lauding the Obama talking points of the moment, they threaten race war if they don’t get their way.

It’s certainly a staple of progressive “analysis” that, compared to today, the Great Depression was a Sunday School picnic compared to today. Indeed, if the Democratic convention had gone on one more day, we probably would have heard that the Israelite slaves in Egypt had it better under Pharaoh than the typical American of today.

Granted, the Republicans in Congress and GWB didn’t exactly adhere to conservative principles when they were busy spending every nickel in sight. Obama, on the other hand, is busy arguing that they didn’t waste enough tax money.

Also, why the faith in – now that it’s okay to only refer to candidates by trivial jobs they’ve held in the past – some community organizer? Who’s biggest political accomplishment seems to be voting “present”, unless it’s a vote to kill some infant protection legislation?

A final couple of notes to Ms. Fathead Fatimah Ali:

Corporations do not pay taxes. Their employees, customers, and shareholders do. Corporate taxation is just a polite fiction to steer money to Washington without doing anything that’s easily followed by the citizens.

Anybody who puts as much hope in politicians as Ms. Ali appears to do is only setting herself up for major disappointment. It’s going to be a shock to million s that Obama really has no ability to reverse global warming, put a chicken in every pot, an eco-friendly Hummer in every driveway, or even something so mundane as to get Iran and North Korea to stop building nuclear weapons.

* Langston Hughes? Was this her “saccharine quote of the day” calendar?