Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Biden Surfaces

But only to give Obama a sever case of buyer’s remorse.

Here he is opposing “clean coal”. As Ben Smith notes, this plays straight into the Republican’s hands, by reinforcing the theme that to the extent that the Democrats have an energy program, it’s focused on increasing energy costs by only supporting the currently most impractical sources like solar and wind.

Well, they also support destructive corn ethanol subsidies, but that’s mostly to ensure that Iowa stays safely bought.

The more practical electoral effect is to tell the economies of West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and half a dozen other states with significant coal mining that the Democrats are going to put them out of business.

And here’s Obama trying to cover for Joe on the AIG bailout.

And here’s Joe criticizing Obama’s sleazy ad on McCain’s computer abilities…

As noted earlier, he’s questioned Charlie Rangel’s patriotism.

Lends some credence to the still far fetched notion that Joe will be pushed out in favor of Hillary.