Saturday, August 23, 2008

The International Gymnastics Federation

Does anybody think that this group is actually going to conduct an impartial investigation of the Chinese government?


Yup, it’s a tough break, but the run of the mill communist police state doesn’t get much credibility outside of University campuses. Especially given the history of various countries falsifying gymnast’s ages.

It’s a very unpleasant catch-22 for the gymnasts. None of these girls are likely to have much complicity if they are, in fact under age. If they are 16, they are still effectively sentenced to having to deal with constant whispers of cheating, doubts, etc. There are also unpleasant consequences for the gymnasts who lost to the Chinese – going through life rightly or wrongly thinking that you were cheated is an invitation to bitterness.

Still, if the Chinese regime can’t even come up with plausible documents, we probably have less reason to be concerned about them. After all, that’s what did in Dan Rather.