Thursday, August 28, 2008

Community Activists and Voter Fraud

Go together like Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee. But there’s nothing to see here, folks. We all know that voter fraud is just a right wing boogeyman used to keep the poor from voting.

Unfortunately, actual headlines keep getting in the way of this meme, with ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) supplying most of the material*.

Nice to know that Senator “Change” Obama is busy throwing bushels of money at ACORN and related subsidiaries.

Any corporation with this kind of record would have long ago been called to account by it’s shareholders, the Dept of Justice, the Attorney Generals of various states, as well as a bevy of contingency fee trial lawyers.

But for some reason, nobody cares if the “community activists” are actually doing any good. Some would even go so far as to believe that this sort of thing is a more noble calling than simply getting a job as an accountant, plumber, carpenter, or manager in a business that brings real goods to market.

* Interesting side note. One of the standard tropes of the left is railing against people serving on multiple corporate board of directors. Funny, you don’t hear much about this when it comes to lefty foundations.