Monday, July 14, 2008

Your Legislators at Perk

One of John Widowfield’s finest moments may have been bringing the practice of OSU providing state legislators with the opportunity to buy football ticket packages to light. I’ll certainly laugh if one of Alex Arshinkoff’s stumblebums winds up forcing the legislature to give up one if it’s cherished perks.

The football ticket program for legislators is clearly intended by the University to, at minimum, generate some goodwill from those who decide how much pork gets ladled in the OSU’s trough. The fact that it’s un-auditable is a feature, not a bug.

Not exactly a horribly corrupt practice – most of the legislature is in the tank about university funding anyway, under the belief that if everyone gets some sort of college degree, we’ll magically have a great economy. But it’s certainly a sleazy practice, redolent of fat-catitis, contempt for both the voters and campaign contributors, as well as reeking of ‘rules are for the little people’.