Sunday, July 20, 2008

Women as Catholic Priests?

Well, no, but an interesting bit of political theatre here. Esp. on top of the CoE’s recent decision to poke a sharp stick into the eye of the faithful.

Essentially, we have a bunch of heretics claiming to be valid ordination as priests because…. They want it to be so.

News Flash: You don’t get to be a priest just because you say so. Unless you purchased a correspondence course from a matchbook cover advertising the Famous Theologians School of Las Vegas (Spot the Cross in this Drawing? You may be Spiritual Material!).

Unsurprisingly the “ordination” took place in a building jointly associated with the Presbyterian Church and United Church of Christ. I’m not up to speed on the UCC, but the motto of the Presbyterians (PCUSA) has long been if it’s a breathing member of an officially sanctioned oppressed group, ordain it.

And notice the exquisite bit of blackmail going on here. It takes a Bishop to ordain a priest. I believe that it takes 3 Bishops to ordain another bishop. Catholic Bishops are all male. So, this group of heretics claims that there were male Bishops officiating over their ordinations.

But they refuse to release the names, stating that they will do so once said bishops have died.

How convenient. A license to slander whomever they want – as long as he’s dead.

Once you’ve joined the choir invisible, you can’t defend yourself against the charges of heresy.

Not that I doubt that there are nominally ‘Catholic’ bishops who would participate in such a scheme.

After all, you don’t have the widespread sexual abuse problems that the Church has had if the Bishops had actually been, you know, Christians. Christians fall and fail like everyone else, but unfortunately the Church seems to have a rather systemic failure in this area.

In a different way, a sad commentary on our age. Not just the heresy and refusal to submit to the church’s teaching – those have been around since Adam. Assuming the “womenpriests” claims about the Bishops are true, it’s the cowardice that’s stunning.

Martin Luther risked his life with the 95 theses. Many reformers were put to the sword. But these posers are want to be transgressive heretics and yet hang on to their comfortable sinecures.