Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well, on the one hand, it is the National Enquirer. Laying aside the fact that they carried a lot of journalistic water on O.J. Simpson’s, err… activities, as well as Jessie Jackson’s. On the other, we have John Edwards.

This is a guy who gives anti poverty speeches at $55,000 a pop, while building a house that covers most of North Carolina and getting $1,250 haircuts.

With this level of hypocrisy, cheating on his cancer stricken wife is entirely plausible.

Memo to Wives Everywhere: If hubby is spending $1,250 on a haircut, he’s a self absorbed nincompoop who will cheat on you at the first opportunity. Even if, a la Eliot Spitzer, he has to buy that opportunity.

The Enquirer story may or may not be true, but given Edward’s public history, it certainly isn’t far fetched.

If this pans out, The National Enquirer may well assume the title of “America’s Newspaper of Record”.

Update: if the photo linked to by the Inquirer is Rielle Hunter, she’s apparently been channeling makeup lessons from Tammy Faye Baker.