Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Sun Bar & Grill

Apparently worth a lot more than I thought. Guess we’ll see what the University does next.

I was never crazy about the idea of the football stadium anyway. There’s little or no net economic value to these kinds of projects*

Akron U. is unlikely to become a major football power, with or without the stadium, and football doesn’t contribute much toward improving the quality of the teaching at a university.

How desparate is the University? Tune in next week for “As the University Turns”, when we hear:

Dr. P. : “Bring me the head of that measley upstart bar owner in a Tupperware Lettuce Crisper!”

Minion #1: “Don’t you mean ‘on a platter’”?

Dr. P.: Nahh, too messy. Might drip on the carpet…”

* There is certainly local value to the extent that the University manages to pass the development costs over the entire state’s taxpayers, while the building and it’s use generate revenue for the University, Akron, and Summit County. So, the local economy benefits, but only as wealth is transferred via government from other parts of the state.