Friday, July 18, 2008

Sometimes, It’s Better Not To Publish the Photo

If you are NPR, running a story about two starving Ohioans, adding this photo kind of screws the whole “Reagan/Bush/McCain Armies of Starving Homeless” meme.

But that’s just a side note.

The real story – the demise of the auto industry – goes almost unnoticed.

Mostly because elite opinion hates the notion that the average Joe can get in a car an have the freedom to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants.

Case in point: John McCain’s call for the destruction of the auto industry. Interesting federalism conundrum here – if we let the state set their own MPG standards, the entire country is hostage to a political party in control of the legislature of a large state economy.

Essentially, McCain has conceded the notion that the legislatures of California or New York can dictate to the rest of the country what the automakers can produce. From a practical point of view, this is an absolutely insanely bad idea. If this goes through, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are effectively held hostage by the far to the left government of California.

Keep in mind that if you live in Montana, Idaho, North or South Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma, or any of another two dozen or more states, nobody will care what you think.

There’s also a fundamental dishonesty at work here on the part of the States agitating for mandating higher MPGs – they already have the power to increase the gasoline taxes in their own states, effectively discouraging their residents from purchasing gas guzzlers.

But that would make the impact – and responsibility - obvious, and if there’s one thing that legislatures understand, it’s that accountability is for somebody else..