Monday, July 21, 2008

Even CNN

Is calling out the NY Times over their rejection of the McCain op-ed. By a Democratic speechwriter. No doubt they are all amazed that people think that the press has been drinking The Obamassiah’s kool-aid.

Interesting tidbit:

“In February, after it became clear McCain would be his party's presumptive nominee, the paper published a thinly sourced report that McCain once had a close relationship with a female lobbyist.”

Thinly sourced, a euphemism for ‘they thought it was too good to fact check’.

So, either a) the Times is too stupid to realize that it’s probably not a good idea to hire Democratic operatives to run the joint; b) the McCain camp pulled off a bit of great political theatre (if true, it would be encouraging that they could get something right, esp. after kicking Phil Gram to the curb. Now they don’t have any economic literates on board)

Given the Times’ circulation stats and stock price, the inside money is on option a), but it could easily be both.