Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dictator du Jour: Robert Mugabe

What, again?

In a world filled with murderous thugs, from Chavez, the Castro boys, Ahmadinejad, Boy Assad, and Al-Bashir, why continue to harp on Mugabe?

A good question. Most people don’t give a fig for what happens in Africa.

Well, Bobby is off to nationalize foreign investments in Zimbabwe. Like that’s a surprise. In theory, he plans to rent these companies out to foreign investors from “friendly” countries.

He may find fewer willing investors than he expects – most countries have investments in the west that could be subject to legal action to recover the assets lost n Zimbabwe. Or prices may well be depressed by the notion that Mugabe could just as easily take that property.from the currently favored “foreign investors”, and hand it over to his incompetent cronies, replaying the farm seizure disaster.

Or the fact that Zimbabwe under Mugabe is running an inflation rate of a kazillion percent.

Indeed, the one thing that Mugabe may succeed in doing - against all odds - is rehabilitating colonialism.