Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil: The Business Plan Revealed

Good luck to the folks at Cuil*, a search start up trying to take on The Google. Google throws of so much cash that they can play in about any segment they choose.

This piece in BusinessWeek may have revealed the plan – get the start up going, try to generate some press, and then sell out to Microsoft. They still have a long way to go, however.

On the plus side, if Cuil doesn’t keep search histories, they won’t be as tempted to sell out dissidents to autocratic governments.

I tried Cuil a couple of times today. Service pretty spotty & unreliable. Gives the sense that it’s either still too close to a beta version, or that nobody bothered to try to stress test the thing.

* Why oh why can’t people come up with decent product names? ‘Cuil’? sheeez.

Granted, “The Boring Made Dull” isn’t the hottest property on the planet, but it’s a straight forward, manly description of what you get here, and truly lives up to the hype.