Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Akron Public Schools and the Carpenters.

Not Karen and what’s-his-name (Richard?), the “Ohio and Vicinity Regional Council of Carpenters”, a.k.a, the carpenter’s union.

Essentially, the school board took Akron resident’s tax dollars, and entered into an agreement to artificially raise construction costs as a political payoff to various unions. Sure, it was gussied up as an attempt to steer work toward local residents, women, minorities, etc. – a goal both ethically and legally dubvious – but the only real result is to chase off competitive bids from non union contractors to reward the unions.

And now that Board is surprised that the carpenters have contract language that effectively guarantees that no non-union contractor will bid.

Unions are labor monopolies. We shouldn’t be shocked or amazed when they act like monopolists.