Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ACORN in the News

It’s hardly shocking that an organization tied to voter fraud has problems with embezzlement as well. Nice that the brother of the organization’s founder swiped almost a million dollars – and then managed to keep his job. Good work if you can get it. Sure, they made some token payments, and then found a sap willing to pay back the rest.

The only reason that any of this is coming out now – eight years after the fact – is due to some whistle blower.

It’s also not shocking that ACORN hid this malfeasance from their board. This is a shady organization from top to bottom. A brief overview of ACORN’s 2004 hijinks in Florida alone can be found here.

Sadly, much of this money was swiped directly from the taxpayers, but don’t expect much help from the Democratic Congress, or community organizer Sen. Obama. Indeed, the Senator’s response comer pre-packaged: “That’s not the ACORN I knew…”.

But sadly, it’s the ACORN likely to profit from his youth servitude scheme.

Somewhere, Diogenes is chuckling over this.

Update: ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has recently gotten their fingers caught in the voting fraud cookie jar in Pennsylvania.