Monday, June 30, 2008

Rowan Williams Back in the News

He’s mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore!!! Or something like that.

Well, Your Grace, here’s a clue: the bulk of English, Canadian, and American Bishops have been busy driving away the orthodox faithful for decades. It ill behooves you to snivel about the schism you’ve created.

Favorite bit of theological cluelessness from this piece:

“One Lambeth Palace official said: ‘It is ludicrous to say you do not recognise the Archbishop of Canterbury or the see of Canterbury; they are the defining characteristics of Anglicanism. By doing away with the role and the place these people are becoming a Protestant sect.’”

Brother, here’s a news flash from 1534 or thereabouts: Anglicanism is a Protestant Sect.

Deal with it.

No one has ever recognized The Archbishop of Canterbury as having the same level of authority as a Catholic would view His Holiness the Pope, and it’s a little late in the day to play that card.

Perhaps if the Bishops had paid a tad more attention to preaching the Gospel instead of trendy social causes, much unpleasantness might have been averted.