Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama / Clinton ’08?

Not on Barack’s life.

Now, there’s a lot to criticize about Barack Obama. The inexperience, lack of accomplishment, the snobbishness and elitism, the hard leftism, lack of detailed proposals, cult of personality, and the desperate clinging to the notion that all change is an improvement.

Grievous faults, these. But he’s not certifiably insane. Which is what he would be if he put Hillary Clinton into the VP slot.

Would you put Lady Macbeth on the ticket? Lucrezia Borgia? And have to hire a food taster as a result?

Now, I may be a part of the VRWC, but I’m not a Vincent Foster was murdered / Mena Airport nutcase. HRC is not going to literally murder anyone. But continually upstage and cripple a presidency? No problem.

And Bill, back to messin’ with the interns? Shakin’ down foreigners for donations to his library?

Further, Hillary doesn’t bring anything to the party but high negatives. Obama’s biggest need is a seasoned governor, or someone with national security credentials.