Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Marc Dann – He’s a Partyin’ Guy - Paid for By His Campaign Contriubtors

The fact that he’s been using campaign funds to support the Dannimal House Lifestyle can’t come as a shock to anyone.

From the Plain Dealer:

“Following an audit of Dann's 2007 campaign expense report, the secretary of state's office has asked Dann, who resigned in disgrace May 14, to explain more than $110,000 in payments. Things like: $16,309 for a cell phone account billed to his Youngstown law firm; $328 for a concert by rapper Ludacris; $1,179 to Dann for lawn and pool cleaning following what was called a 'Turkish Bath Party' at his home; and $45,187 for rooms at a Best Western in Columbus at the same time the campaign was paying $2,715 for the Columbus-area condo Dann shared with pals Leo Jennings and Anthony Gutierrez. In addition, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's office has ordered Dann to repay $33,524 spent by his campaign for a security system at his Youngstown-area home.”

One shudders to think what Dann’s version of a “Turkish Bath Party” looks like.

Still, there’s a serious note here – if you’re giving money to a political campaign, and the candidate is spending it on Ludacris tickets, wouldn’t you be concerned? Or, for that matter, pool cleaning, security systems, or in the Widowfield case, OSU football?