Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dictator du Jour: Robert Mugabe

He’s fully recovered from the botched election in March. Rest assured, there won’t be any more of those screw ups while Bobbie possesses his manhood.

In return for Mugabe’s arresting, burning, beating, torturing, and killing the opposition, the U.N., U.S. State Department, and the rest of the world threatens….. harsh words.

Update (25 June 08): Megan McArdle suggests the PC unthinkable: that Zimbawe may very well have been better off as Rhodesia. A thought that falls into the ‘likely true, but cannot be recognized in polite company’ category.

Interesting – out of all the British colonies, you have some notable successes: U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong. All largely gained autonomy in eras of limited government, or at least limited government ambition. You have some that are in the muddling through but may make it: India (fairly promising) and South Africa (too much depends on Mbeki’s willingness to leave office). And the burn it to the ground and start over failure, Zimbabwe / Rhodesia and Burma.

Certainly a record that beats the pants off of the other colonial powers.

Update II: HRM the Queen Elizabeth’s government moves to strip Mugabe of his honorary knighthood and prevent Zimbabwe from participating in cricket matches.

How he ever came to acquire an honor is a condemnation of the Major government. It’s not like his thuggery or socialist bent was an unknown quantity.

Every little bit helps, I suppose.