Monday, June 30, 2008

Dictator du Jour: Mugabe Update:

Which is it:

“Robert Mugabe hailed a hero at African Union summit” – The Times (U.K.)


African Leaders Increase Pressure on Mugabe to Share Power” – Bloomberg

Theoretically, it could be both, but welcoming a thug like Mugabe as a “hero” certainly lessens any chance that he’ll just go quietly into that good night.

About the only thing that could make the situation in Zimbabwe worse has just occurred:

Jimmy Carter is now involved.

Some people never learn. Mugabe and his thugs are not going to “negotiate” any sort of genuine power sharing agreement. They are not going to participate in ceding power and the right to loot the countryside for their own benefit.

Mugabe has had his opponents arrested, beaten, and killed. He’s had wives of opposition politicians burned alive.

It’s not going to happen.

The entire negotiations and democracy thing presuppose a certain amount of human decency.

To date, Mugabe hasn’t provided any evidence of this.