Monday, May 05, 2008

Dannage Control

I love the smell of frying corrupt Attorney Generals in the morning; it’s the smell of victory.

The long slow crawl to Close down the Marc Dann den of iniquity is picking up steam. Major Newspapers are catching up to the blogosphere. The Governor has given up on hinting that Dann should go; he’s telling him. With support of just about every big name Democrat in the state:

“’The work of the Office of the Attorney General matters more, and is far more important, than any one person,’ Gov. Ted Strickland and a who's-who of Democratic state leaders wrote to Dann. ‘In many, many cases it is all that stands between the people and the powerful. Sadly, we no longer have even the most remote hope that you can continue to effectively serve as attorney general and that is why we are asking for your resignation.’"

Dann did not immediately respond to the letter today, but in a text message shortly before it was made public, he answered "no" when asked if he intends to step down.

The letter also said Democratic members of the House will begin impeachment proceedings if Dann doesn't resign.

The letter, prepared last night, was signed by Gov. Ted Strickland, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Treasurer Richard Cordray, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, the two Democratic legislative leaders, Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Columbus, and Sen. Ray Miller, D-Columbus, and Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern.

Strickland told Dann last night the letter was coming and verbally asked him to step down. Dann refused.”

Now we know why Gov. Strickland was cancelling appearances today; he’s in Columbus to give Marc on final Danning kick on the seat of the pants.

It’s nice to know that the Gov. is willing to have Dann tossed from office if he doesn’t go quietly, but I suspect that he’ll have to put a horse’s head in Dann’s bed before Dann gets a clue.

Update: Dann vows to fight on! He’s “rolling up his sleeves and Working for the People of Ohio!!!” Power to the Perverts People!!!

I can just see the help wanteds for the replacements his staff now –

“Join the Dann Pajama Party! Must have extensive ‘hands on’ experience in Attorney General Customer Service! Spitzer recommendations a plus! Send your video to:

dannspjpartyhouse @

Only ‘not safe for work’ submissions will be accepted.”

Honestly, this is sinking below parody. Even satire has a lower limit. And Dannage boy’s going to exceed it.

What a maroon.